What we are eating is killing us, and the planet…

We all want to eat healthy and nutritious food, but not many know that the big corporate agriculture ( #BigAgriculture ) machine is slowly eroding that possibility in the quest for never ending profits.

The Scientific American published a study which basically proves that the food ( fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy..) that we buy and eat today, are much less nutritious than what was available in the 1950. Please read this important article here:


So as a self proclaimed foodie, we find this completely sick (and not in the “cool” sense). So were do we start? Well, we started by following a new focus at Patagonia™ (called Patagonia Provisions™ ( https://www.patagoniaprovisions.com ), check it out! This lead us to some very stunning information about what we are doing wrong about food, and what we can do right. This is called Regenerative Organic Agriculture. Check our the video below for an eye opening perspective:

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